Unleash your creativity with Kreitech's Game Studio!

At Kreitech´s Game Studio you´ll find everything you need in order to build amazing gaming and virtual reality experiences.

Expand your imagination to new realities

Why should we settle with our world? Create new ones or expand the one we are into with Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. Whether you want to create something fun, educational, or just plain cool, we've got the skills and experience to make it happen.

Game development by gamers, for gamers

We are a passionate team who loves game development. Our team lives and breathes videogames, so get ready to jump into a development process you´ll never forget.


We provide integral development of video games for any platform: Browser games, virtual reality 3D or 2D. We thrill under a new challenge.

Virtual Reality

VR is here to stay. We build full immersive experiences which can be used for entertainment, recreate scenarios for training, advertising or learning. Thanks to our experienced team, we build them with the highest quality standards.

Augmented Reality

AR applications can modify your surroundings. Use them to see if the sofa you like fits in your living room, to visualize data in new ways, or just for fun. The possibilities are endless and we can build them for you.

Web 3

Blockchain power is changing the way we understand the world, from NFT´s to Play to Earn game modes. We stay at the vanguard of technology to deliver quality in all of our products.


Last year, mobile gaming took up 52% of all gaming platforms. Whether Android or IOS, we have over 10 years of experience and a great team of professionals ready to rock your game.

Game Design

Building a game is much more than coding, it takes other skills to make it good. Telling a story, setting difficulties for a well balanced play or making sure it´s fun is what Game Design is all about.

Our work

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