We connect the world!

Gather data from unexpected places to improve production or just make life easier by connecting devices.

Our skill set ensures an innovative end-to-end IoT hardware development process from idea to prototype, PCB design, firmware development, order fulfillment, and quality control

As some people say, data is the new Gold. By using IoT devices to generate data about your business, you can make better decisions with access to real-time information, increase your efficiency and reduce manual labor by automation and improve your customer experiences with personalized services and products.

Our expertise range in:

Smart Cities

We develop ultra-low consumption wireless devices, collecting the data and transforming cities into smart ones.

Industry 4.0

Connect your industry to the cloud to obtain real-time information to improve its efficiency and profitability.

Smart Health

Our team connects existing equipment and resolve to send the information to the cloud to enable the specialists to make better medical decisions and improve patient treatments.


We develop autonomous vehicles on the ROS platform. Our product allows you to check water health remotely. Very challenging and exciting projects!


We develop platforms to integrate devices (Fitbit & BLE) that allow the control of vitals to improve peopleĀ“s quality of life.

Our Work

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