We are a learning - experimental - developer - fun machine.

We are constantly learning and exploring new possibilities to apply in our projects. But mainly, we are having fun while doing it.

We are the link between your idea and its reality. We Krei Tech, top-notch, on time, and in a participative way.

Who we are

kreitech is made up of versatile people, experts in their field who are not afraid to go the extra mile for a project or help their teammates.

Between us, we cover a wide range of specialties. We have no shortage of engineers (electrical or software) or developers (front, back or full. Your choice), we are also surrounded by creative people, makers, PMs, designers, QAs and all you need to make a successful project.

Time and experience have shown us that we have no limits. We are capable of facing any challenge, and we┬┤ll do it with a smile on our faces.

In our beginnings, we understood what it takes to succeed, a TEAM.

Having a team is not as simple as it sounds, if you really want a supportive group of people where you can rely on and blindly believe in them, there's a lot of work to be done. But it's worth it, by the end of the day you can be sure that the work it's done.
Having that tiny detail accomplished, the next steps are easy.

We work with agile methodologies, so the client takes part in the development and is always updated on every detail. We start by acknowledging the requirements for each project, UX and UI set the foundation for what's to come. Then we enter the development phase, where design takes life in every sprint we do.

As your idea comes to life, our QA team makes sure everything is running smoothly, granting the quality of the product. By the end, your idea will have become a reality and will meet the highest standards, and hopefully, we learned some new things along the way.

Where are we?

Our HQ is settled in Montevideo, Uruguay, where our development team resides.

Nonetheless, our commercial team has a US base in Austin, Texas. We cover all US time zones as we are located in -3 UTC, making no deal working simultaneously.

Also, we make sure our team has an English Speaking proficiency so communication isn't an issue.

What we do

Our team and passion would be useless without a purpose, that's why we specialize in:

Have a project or an idea? Let's make it real!

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