A plugin for the Chrome browser that controls the purchase of trips, hotel expenses, and transportation.


On one of our trips to Austin, we got in touch with ShepTravel, a company that hired us to develop a plugin for the Chrome browser. The required functionality was to collaborate with compliance with the internal travel policies of the companies.That is, to comply with travel price limits, travel planning, fees to pay for expenses associated with travel, etc. The plugin controls the purchase of trips, hotel expenses, transportation, among others.It was an exciting project that we could accompany throughout the growth process, together with the owners of the idea. We loved traveling to Chile as well as the US to join them in the process of incubation abroad. We met Rafael from ShepTravel in one of our constant participation in Austin. This client has achieved funding of $ 1.4M for his project.

What we did

The challenge

Beyond the project and the required development, the challenge of joining a development team that was working was added, without altering the agile development methodology.It was a delightful experience because we were initially outside of that methodology, and we were managing ourselves as two independent teams, and we were not achieving excellent results.With the change of strategy and working as a single team, participating in the Daily, Planning, and Review, the results were outstanding! And that was noticed not only in progress but in the acceptance of the client.

The solution

This project required us to understand and allow the plugin to work integrating with the browser and perform the analysis of the information on the pages on which it navigates. It has as an extra challenge to adjust the operation to the changes of the different websites visited independently, without the need for new development. That was a great achievement for the team!

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