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We are Kreitech, a bunch of people who love what they do and give their best every day. For over a decade, we've built a place where learning and innovating are part of our culture, and we like to reflect that in the challenges we take on.
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We understood what it takes to succeed, a great team
At Kreitech, we're passionate about crafting innovative solutions for every problem we might face. We foster a collaborative environment built on trust and shared goals, ensuring every project is tackled with dedication and a commitment to excellence.

We leverage agile methodologies to keep clients involved throughout the development process. Here's a glimpse into our collaborative approach:
Collaborative Planning
We work closely with you to define your project's requirements and goals, ensuring we're all on the same page from the very beginning.

Crafting the User Experience
Our UX/UI specialists meticulously design the foundation for your software, prioritizing usability and a delightful user experience.

Development Sprints
Our development team brings the design to life through focused sprints, ensuring efficient progress and continuous improvement granted by our PM´s. 

Quality Assurance
Our dedicated QA team rigorously tests every aspect of the software throughout the process, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

By the end, our efforts will have produced a high-quality solution that meets the highest standards, with valuable lessons learned along the way.
Kreitech Leaders
Meet the people that build Kreitech out of their willingness of tackling fun tech challenges!
Rafael Sisto
(CEO & Co-founder)
Dedicated to guiding companies through the digital shift, Rafael specializes in connecting, monitoring, and automating objects' behavior, ensuring businesses remain at the forefront of innovation.
Antonio Malquina
(CTO & Co-founder)
Dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology for enhanced product development, focusing on maintaining clean code and robust architectures to secure, streamline, and scale technological foundations. Committed to elevating team skills and capabilities.
Marcelo Mundell
(General Manager & VP Sales)
Passionate IT leader with a wealth of experience in sales and people management, as well as a love for negotiation and business development, he brings his experience from both the corporate world and entrepreneurship.
A glimpse into our history
Established in 2013, our software development company was born from the collaboration of two computer engineers driven by a shared vision of creating innovative solutions with uncompromising quality. From the outset, we recognized talent as our greatest asset and a key element to our success.

Over the years, we have remained dedicated to continuous learning, and adapting to new technologies while focusing on structured growth and exceptional delivery. As a result, we have evolved into a company that embodies the spirit of innovation. Our DNA is infused with a passion for exploring and pushing the boundaries of technology. 

Advantages of working with us

Flexible contracts
You decide the duration and budget of your collaboration with us. We understand the reality of different businesses and choose a flexible approach.
We take care of operations
Kreitech avoids you the complicated candidate selection. We take care of the hiring process and employee well-being, especially in a competitive environment like software development.
You secure a reserve of resources
In challenging times, the team can be downsized without resorting to layoffs. It also allows for additional personnel during high-demand periods.
Develop your business
We take care of building the project, so you can focus more on product marketing and developing other areas of the business.
And you get to work with an amazing group of people!
Why choose a Uruguayan Partner for software development
Cost-Effective Development
Stretch your budget further by hiring skilled developers at competitive rates compared to North America or Europe.
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Real-Time Collaboration
We share the same time zone, (Uruguay is just one hour ahead of EST) allows for seamless communication and efficient project management.
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We speak English
Our team is fluent in English so there are no barriers when collaborating with a team from anywhere in the world.
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Access a large pool of professionals
Tap into a highly educated and diverse workforce in Uruguay, and benefit from cost-effective solutions, getting the talent you can't find in your area.
Cultural fit
Uruguay's work ethic, professionalism and values align well with the US, fostering a collaborative environment where your goals are understood.
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Thriving tech ecosystem
Benefit from Uruguay's strong IT infrastructure and culture of innovation, fueled by government support for technological development.
Awards and Recognition
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Our Offices
Our HQ is settled in Montevideo, Uruguay, where our development team resides.Nonetheless, our commercial team has a US base in Austin, Texas. We cover all US time zones as we are located in -3 UTC, making no deal working simultaneously. Also, we make sure our team has an English Speaking proficiency so communication isn't an issue.
Obligado 1384, 11200 Montevideo, Uruguay
701 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701, United States
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