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About the project

Little Short Stories is an original project developed in collaboration with Braian Greno from Wiper Agency. This initiative focuses on offering unique stories with visually appealing and stylized covers, targeting an audience passionate about literature and visual art.

What we did

For this project, we developed an image generation model using advanced technologies such as Stable Diffusion and Hugging Face. This model is designed to create cover images with a distinctive and unique style for each story, allowing each tale to have its own visual identity. Additionally, an API was implemented to facilitate the automated generation of these images, ensuring that the process is efficient and scalable. Front-end development was carried out using React Native, enabling a smooth and accessible user experience on mobile devices.

Technology:  Stable Diffusion | Hugging Face | React Native | APIs for the integration and automation of the cover creation

Scope: UX / UI Design | Project management | Image generation model development | Artificial Intelligence | Front-end development 

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