An electronic device with an app that helps people with Hyperhidrosis in their treatment.


This platform, designed and incubated in Peru, required us to generate an application to help people suffering from Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). The app helps patients with a treatment given using an electronic device that allows creating electrical impulses on your palm to control the level of sweating. This project received support from Startup Peru, Startup Chile, and was incubated at Bayer Grants4Apps in Shanghai.

What we did

The challenge

The integration of the DROP device was made using Bluetooth Low Energy. The complexity was to achieve the integration of the application and the device, with which we did not physically have. All the tests were done through a simulator created by ourselves using ARDUINO, which allows emulating the behavior of DROP locally. And then, through remote access, we monitored the results at the time the final tests were done.

The solutionThe whole process happened rapidly, and the UI / UX design was an exciting part for us since the treatments had to be integrated with the device in a clear and friendly way for the patient.

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