CityCop is a social platform for community watch that enables everyone to fight crime. Report crimes in your community and receive real-time information about what is happening in the areas that you mind.


CityCop is a social platform for community watch that enables you to fight crime and protect yourself and your loved ones. In this platform, you can actively report crimes in your community and receive real-time information about what is happening in the areas that you mind. CityCop is one of our most significant projects, due to the level of involvement we have had with the founding team. They have participated in acceleration programs in Chile and the US, and we are part of the working group, including the transfer of members of our team abroad. Although the project was initially developed for Uruguay, this application is now being used in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA.

What we did

The Challenge

CityCop is an exciting Smart Cities project which initially brought us the challenge of handling information massively, and at the same time allow the platform to keep scaling. But then we also had the challenge of building a predictive model to know where the next crime will occur.This platform handles 250k+ users. That is a challenge by itself. The users are distributed mainly in Latam and the US, adding official crime reports from multiple cities in the US, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, Kansas City, Boston, Phoenix, Washington DC, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Miami and Dallas.Nowadays, we take care of the continuous development of the platform and implement features that help with the retention of the users of the app, which is one of the most critical challenges for consumer apps nowadays, since frequently 80% of the users stop using an application after three months. We're now above the industry standard by using different techniques for user retention.CityCop democratizes crime data and makes it publicly available, allowing anyone to report crimes in real-time and creating a location-based feed of public safety information that keeps people aware and safe.To achieve this, CityCop aggregates real-time crowdsourced crime data with official crime reports and any other crime data sources available, combining all in a comprehensive syndicated crime database to easily determine how safe a given area is.We are continuously developing CityCop, initially solving scalability issues and working on the premises of democratizing security data using crowdsourcing and aggregating every day more sources of information (such as official police reports, insurance companies, etc.)

The solutionFor the predictive model, we've worked with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to achieve a 79% confidence algorithm. It is an exciting project that we are part of, and we've walked together throughout the growth process with the co-founders. The relationship takes part as a partnership with the founding team to support technology and development. We walked along with CityCop through a Startup Chile Acceleration, and then the USA, taking part in a Techstars acceleration program (Austin '17).We have worked very carefully in a staff augmentation way, even one of our developers joined them during the acceleration period in Austin, in Techstars (Top 3 accelerators in the world).

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