Helium Mappers – Quick start with MokoSmart GPS Tracker

Helium Mappers – Quick start with MokoSmart GPS Tracker


A couple of months ago we started our experience with LoraWan Helium network deployment in Uruguay, and we found a really interesting project called Helium Mappers.

Coverage mapping is a crowd-sourced effort to build a true-signal coverage map of the Helium network across the globe. By mapping real-world coverage, network users can understand where sensor deployments are likely to have success connecting to Helium.

In this case, we started to contribute data to the Mappers project with an off-the-shelf tracker, LW001-BG Pro from MokoSmart and in this post we’ll show you how to set up the console to start tracking, to generate a coverage map as we see in our first tests.

Helium Mappers, the green dots represent Helium LoraWan connectivity. The yellow arrows represent which hotspots received messages from this location.
The Moko Smart GPS tracker

Set up Helium Mapper

Following the helium mapper quickstart, we just have to adjust a few settings for our tracker to work.

On the helium console, we set up the following flow:

Helium Console data flow model.

This image shows the data flow from the device (blue square), through the decoder function (violet square) to the mappers integration (green square).

The decoder function converts the data received from the device (bytes) into a JSON format, which is required by he Helium Mappers API. Find more details on the API here.

For our device, the decoder is as follows. The code is based on the code provided by Moko, you can find the original code here

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