Building Synergy: Enhancing Design and Development. Part 1

Building Synergy: Enhancing Design and Development. Part 1

At Kreitech we have created an environment where diverse profiles and perspectives come together to create synergy. Over time, we have learned to understand the differences and take the best of each other strengths. To set an example, envision putting 3 meticulous and strict engineers on one end, and one free-minded creative designer on the other end,  who never met before to discuss a project. Chances are, it's going to take some time.

We turned to our experienced UX/UI designers for advice to streamline the collaboration between our design and development teams. They graciously shared some valuable tips that ensure a seamless transition from design to development that we thought are very relatable and can help you or your team in the development process.

A simple chat may take you a long way

Engage in open discussions with the developers to present your design ideas, allowing everyone to understand potential scenarios and receive feedback. By doing so, we can anticipate any challenges that may arise during the product development stage, such as technological constraints, time limitations, or budgetary considerations.

Share what you are working on

Document every progress by answering these questions: What did I accomplish today? What am I planning to do tomorrow? Is there anything that's blocking my progress? Recording these points in an audio or video format helps others to understand the project's status effortlessly. Nowadays, there are many tools available that enable screen, camera, and microphone recording, facilitating a comprehensive showcase of your work.

Keep things clear

Name and organize each frame, group, and layer, especially when the frame represents a screen within a user flow. Utilize numbering systems that guide developers through the sequence. This is particularly useful when animations are involved in using different frames in smart animation.

At Kreitech, we believe that diversity is the key to innovation and progress. By engaging in open discussions, sharing progress updates, and maintaining clear organization, we have witnessed significant improvements in our teamwork and project outcomes. By nurturing effective communication and understanding each other's perspectives, we have elevated our projects to new heights of efficiency, innovation, and success.

If you found these tips helpful, stay around as there are a few more on the way!

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