Mr. Magno’s Wonderland

A magnificent joint venture between our IoT department and the Game Studio. We are building the ultimate arcade, a fantastic experience transcending the screen.


Mr. Magno’s Wonderland is a 4 player arcade party game, designed to bring mystery, joy, wonder and a few feuds to  game rooms.

Taking inspiration from Mario Party and the WarioWare series, Wonderland  pits players against each other or the cpu in a series of quick and intense minigames, all set inside a mysterious, haunted machine.

What we did

A joint effort between our Gaming and IoT divisions, Wonderland is an in progress game that is presented in a custom built ‘haunted’ arcade machine with a set of unique hardware features such as a holographic display, force feedback capabilities that allow it to shake and move on it’s own, cameras to ‘steal players souls’ and put their faces into in-game characters, and more. 

The synergy between our software and hardware nerds will bring the machine to the after-life in game rooms all over Latin America and elevate the experience to hauntingly awesome levels in  Q4 2023.

Technology: Unity / Raspberry Pi / Arduino 
Scope: Game Design & Concept | Development | IoT & Hardware.

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